World Cup in the hands of Messi in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Final

World Cup in the hands of Messi in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final
World Cup in the hands of Messi in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final

This is the writing of destiny! Lionel Messi will go to the World Cup, but not in the same way. Drama after drama, a final test of nerve and perhaps the most incredible drama in World Cup history will end with Messi lifting the trophy. Argentina’s 36-year wait for the world cup has ended. Who knows, maybe this will end the debate about the best footballer of all time. Many people were not willing to accept Messi as the best because the elusive trophy was not there, yesterday that trophy also became Messi’s.

Argentina won the title by defeating France in a tiebreaker after a 120-minute battle at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. If the main match was tied 3-3, the fate of the title was decided in a penalty shootout. Where Albiceleste won by 4-2.

On Sunday (December 18), Argentina mourned 36 years of Lionel Messi’s hand. Earlier, the country last won the title in 1986 under Diego Maradona.

When Gonzalo Montiel’s shot from Argentina’s No. 4 kick went into the France net in the tiebreaker, a thunderous roar erupted at the Lucille Stadium. Montiel covered his face in his jersey and began to cry. The Argentinian players on the field immediately became emotional after the euphoria. Tears began to fall from the eyes of almost everyone.

Messi cried. He was waiting for such a day since the 2006 World Cup. But the World Cup has repeatedly disappointed him. Eight years ago at the Maracana, they went so close but lost the final to Germany in extra time. But last night, Messi was not willing to go back empty-handed. And if Messi does not agree, who can return him?

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has shown many surprises in the game of strategy in this World Cup. However, the decision to drop Angel Di Maria to the wing or to the side yesterday is a masterstroke. On the other hand, Jules Kunde is basically a center-back, and France coach Didier Deschamps is playing him as a right-back in the World Cup. But Kunder has a tendency to come in from his own place. This has not been a major problem in previous matches. But gave it yesterday. Di Maria found an empty passage on the left side. Argentina also tried to attack that side. It is not too late to get the results.

Argentina took a 2-0 lead within 36 minutes of the match in Lusail. After that, French star Kylian Mbappe scored two goals in the 80th and 81st minutes to equalize the team. If the game ends in a 2-2 draw, the match will go into extra time. The lead taken away in just two minutes was regained by Messi’s skill in the 108th minute. But just two minutes before the end of the 120-minute match, Mbappe stood in front of Argentina in a nightmare. He returned the team to equality by scoring from the penalty. In the end, the fate of the title of the two teams was decided in a tiebreaker.

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At the start of the penalty shootout, however, Mbappe, who scored a hat-trick in the World Cup final after 1966, gave France the lead. Argentinian wizard Lionel Messi made no mistake in netting the ball. But mistakes were made by two Frenchmen, Orleans Chuameni and Kingsley Coman. Chuameni’s shot was not on target, and Koeman’s shot was saved by Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez after jumping to the left. On the other hand, Paulo Dybala, Leandro Paredes, and Gonzalo Montiel scored consecutive goals after beating the French goalkeeper. Kolo Muani found the net, but the goal did not come to fruition. In the end, Albiceleste ended 36 years of regret by winning 4-2 in the tiebreaker.

World Cup in the hands of Messi in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final
World Cup in the hands of Messi in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final

Argentina attacked from the beginning of the match. France’s defense was struggling to cope with Messi’s speedy attack.

Messi and Alvarez entered France’s D box in the third minute of the match. However, Hugo Lloris did not let danger happen. Mac Allister took a long-range shot from the left after five minutes. In the eighth minute, De Paul’s shot hit Varane’s leg and went out of bounds.

In the ninth minute, an Argentine attack led to a goal-scoring opportunity. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris collapsed after colliding with Romero while trying to stop the attack.

France made the first attack in the 13th minute. However, Albicelester was freed from danger due to the defensive action.

In the 16th minute, Argentina made a great attack from the right wing. Messi entered the D box with a great understanding with De Paul. However, he could not catch De Paul’s pass. Di Maria gets the ball. But his shot goes over the goal bar.

In the 18th minute, France gets a free kick near the D box or on the edge. Giroud’s header from the free kick goes just wide of the bar.

  Di Maria was blocked by Theo Hernandez when he entered the D-box with the ball in the 23rd minute of the match. If Di Maria falls, the referee blows the whistle for a penalty. Messi put the team ahead by scoring from the penalty. This is Messi’s 12th goal in his fifth World Cup. With this goal, he touched Pele.

On this day, France could not stand in front of Argentina’s attack. In the 36th minute, Argentina counter-attacked after receiving the ball from France’s defense. Messi, who entered the Dbox with the ball, passed to Di Maria. Di Maria finished coolly after receiving the ball.

Great Argentina in the second half. However, France also found some rhythm in this half. But they could not make any attack to speak of.

In the 49th minute, Messi gave De Paul a cross from the right side of the D box. De Paul’s excellent volley, however, was easily taken by Lloris. France gets a corner in the 51st minute. Martinez took great control of the ball coming from the corner.

Lloris blocked Alvarez’s shot in the 58th minute. Di Maria showed magic in the 60th minute. Entered the box through the right side. Pass Messi. Messi’s shot goes wide of 3 defenders. In the 62nd minute, Messi-McAllister got into France’s danger zone with great understanding. However, McAllister could not step on Messi’s extension.

At this time, the two parties made several changes. Acuña replaces Di Maria. Pick up Deschamps Griezmann and Theo Hernandez and drop Koeman and Kamavinga. Then the scenario of the match changed.

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In the 80th minute, Otamendi threw Kolo Mwani into the D-box. The referee blows the penalty whistle. Mbappe reduced the gap by scoring from the spot kick. A minute later Mbappe magic again. Or Mbappe took a Konakuni shot after receiving a teammate’s extended ball from the edge. The French cheered as the ball hit the net. With this goal, he set a world record for goals in the World Cup final. Mbappe scored 3 goals in two finals.

At the end of the first half of extra time, the two teams left the field with a tie. After that, Messi made the team dream of winning the title once more. His 108th-minute goal gave Argentina the lead. But in the 116th minute, the ball touched Montiel’s hand while clearing the opponent’s ball. France got a penalty. Mbappe shared the hat-trick after Geoff Hurst for England in 1966 final when Spotky scored. With 8 goals, he became the highest scorer of the tournament. Mbappe is finally getting the golden boot. But he could not take the World Cup trophy from Messi.

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