Saudi Arabia Became South Africa in Ronaldo’s Face

Saudi Arabia became South Africa in Ronaldo’s face
Saudi Arabia became South Africa in Ronaldo’s face

The joke was already on social media.

If it was difficult to understand something or if he said something stupid, it was jokingly said, ‘Someone gives him a biscuit!’ Now some people can say to Cristiano Ronaldo, someone gives him a map of the world.

The football-related media “” made such a headline. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo was formally introduced at Club Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia. That time, the Portuguese star erred. It may also be referred to as an accident.

Because no one makes mistakes on purpose. But nobody anticipated making such a mistake in the club he joined’s first news conference. “Mail Online,” a British news outlet, used a stick. As their headlines make clear—’Wrong Continent, Cristiano!’

Now let’s get to the point. Part of Ronaldo’s speech at Al Nasr’s press conference was as follows: “Many people talk a lot, but they don’t know anything about football. In the past 10 to 15 years, football has transformed. Now all teams are ready (competitive). Consider the World Cup, where Saudi Arabia defeated the champion team. South Korea, African sports teams, and Costa Rica are a few examples. Now, winning the game is difficult. Because all teams come prepared. Now football has changed. I, therefore, believe that my career will not end when I move to South Africa. To be completely honest, I could care less about what people think.

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