South Korea Beat Portugal 2-1 in the last 16 of the World Cup

South Korea beat Portugal
World Cup
South Korea beat Portugal 2-1 in the last sixteen of the World Cup

South Korea was eliminated from the group stage in the last two matches of the World Cup. This time they entered the knockout stage by writing a fairy tale by defeating Portugal in the World Cup in Qatar. South Korea advanced to the knockouts as group runners-up. Uruguay and Ghana have been eliminated from this group.

On the other hand, the match was a test for Portugal. Because Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal has already reached the knockout round by winning the first two matches of the group stage. On the other hand, the match will be saved for South Korea.

South Korea last played in the last sixteen in 2010. After that, they were eliminated from the group stage in the World Cup in Brazil and Russia. However, in the history of the World Cup, they have the precedent of playing in the third-place match.

The match was even till 91 minutes of the match. Until then, according to the equation of Group H, Uruguay and Portugal would have gone up. But at that moment, the magic of Song Hyung Min changed the fate of the Koreans. No, he didn’t score. But he took the ball alone from in front of his own D-box and ran toward the opponent’s D-box.

From there, Ntmeg passed the ball to teammate Hwang Hee Chan. Hee Chan’s goal secured the win for Korea. Korea had no chance to celebrate after the victory. Because the Uruguay-Ghana match was still going on.

If Uruguay scores more then they will be eliminated. However, as Uruguay could not score any more goals, their last sixteen were confirmed. However, Korea coach Paolo Bento could not see such a victory sitting in the dugout. He had to stay in the gallery after showing a red card in the last match.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos made six changes in the easy draw. Portugal’s best star Bruno Fernandez was rested in Qatar World Cup. However, Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not practice with the team for the last two days, was on the team. The match started with the dominance of Portugal.

Portugal scored in their first attack in the match. Diego Dalot started the attack. Ricardo Horta got the ball from his pass 6 yards away from the goalpost. Horta gave Portugal the lead in just 5 minutes with a great finish. This is the Portuguese’s first goal in a major tournament.

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There was no other way for South Korea to win. After falling a goal behind, South Korea was therefore desperate to get back on level terms. In the 29th minute of the match, South Korea managed to break the lock of Portugal’s defense. When Ronaldo couldn’t clear the ball from the corner, Kim Yong Gowan got the ball. This defender did not waste an easy opportunity.

This footballer also scored a goal in the defeat of Germany in the 2018 World Cup. In this attack-counter-attack match, Portugal got another chance in the 33rd minute. Dalot’s long-range shots, however, were not too difficult for Kim Seung Gyu. However, the reason for his concern is Portugal midfielder Vitinia. Although Portugal did not succeed in his attack. The first half ended 1-1.

Like the first half, Ronaldo started aggressively in the second half. On the other hand, South Korea also took advantage of the opportunity and tried to counterattack. Son Heung Min came out of his shell after the break. In the 56th minute, his attack was blocked by Antolio Silver, but Son took the corner. From his corner, Lee Jae Sung couldn’t put the shot on the goalpost when he got the ball.

Ronaldo was picked up by coach Fernando Santos in the 64th minute of the match. Desperate for a goal, Sonara attacked one after another but could not break the opponent’s defense. Goals from set pieces Korea squandered a few chances from set pieces to score first. As the match was headed for a draw, Korea got the win with Sun Magic.

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