Neymar’s Return to the Field is Uncertain-Brazil

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Neymar’s return to the field is uncertain – Brazil Football

Brazil is not relieved even after winning the first match. Neymar’s injury has worried the team that started the World Cup with a win. The star was knocked out of the group stage due to an ankle injury. There is also a discussion in the football world that you can miss the entire World Cup due to injury.

Brazil will play their next match against Switzerland, tomorrow. He turned up at the pre-match press conference because of Neymar’s injury. Brazil defender Marcinios, however, could not bring good news to the Brazilian fans. He himself does not know exactly when Neymar can return to the field.

The Brazilian star left the field in the 80th nanosecond of the match due to an ankle injury. Neymar is also seen crying while sitting on the bench. This protector of Brazil says that it’s normal for Neymar to be worried,’ We do not know when Neymar can return to the field, but we hope he can return veritably soon. The injury season was veritably delicate for Neymar. He was worried after the match; I suppose that is normal. Because he had numerous dreams about the World Cup.

Before the World Cup, Neymar said that this World Cup will be his last World Cup. It was clear in his words how desperate Neymar was to win the World Cup. Neymar is still as desperate as ever to win the World Cup, Markinos said, “After completing the tests and treatment, Neymar now has to undergo 24-hour physiotherapy. This proves how desperate he is to return to the field.

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Brazil coach Tite has ruled out the possibility of Neymar being knocked out of the World Cup. He said, ‘You can be sure that he will play in the World Cup.’ But now, however, the tone of Tit’s words has changed a lot. In the pre-match press conference today, he said, ‘I believe both Neymar and Danilo will play again in the World Cup. I’m not one to talk about injuries though.

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