Morocco VS Croatia Matches Ended in a 0-0 Draw

Morocco VS Croatia,
Morocco VS Croatia

Although Croatia dominated the ball control in the match, Morocco did not give up. The Morocco-Croatia match ended in attack and counterattack.

Croatia was considered the favorite against Morocco as the runners- up of the last season. But they were well stopped by Morocco. Not only that but numerous dangerous attacks were aimed at Croatia’s thing. But neither of the two brigades could see the thing.

Although Modric Kovacic was ahead in the battle for possession of the ball, it was not possible to break the strong defense of Morocco for last time’s runners-up. Although the Moroccans have the upper hand in attacking the goal, both teams have had equal shots on goal, only twice.

Hakimi was unable to pose a threat to the Crows despite spreading his influence from defense to attack the right flank. On the other hand, Nesairi Hakeem Ziash did not see a goal in the attack.

It’s not just the fans who are stunned by Argentina’s defeat. Other teams seem to have forgotten to score. Except for France, no one won after that match. The matches ended in a 0-0 draw.

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