Morocco beat Canada in the Second Round of World Cup 2022

Morocco vs Canada,
World Cup 2022
Morocco beat Canada in the second round of World Cup 2022

Group F’ of the World Cup in Qatar had two teams Belgium and Croatia. Belgium’s position is again in the top two of the FIFA rankings. Ashraf Hakimi has a chance to reach the knockout stage after 36 years. If the match is won or drawn, the last sixteen will be confirmed for the African team without any calculation. They beat Canada 2-1 in the last match of the group stage on Thursday (December 1). For the second time, Morocco got the ticket to the second round of the World Cup.

Just listened to Moroccan coach Waleed Regragui speak of how desperate Morocco was to beat Canada to reach the second round. He said, ‘The footballers are ready to give their lives for this match.’ Whether the coach’s words are true or not, the Moroccan footballers’ warlike attitude has been seen on the field.

Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borian made a big mistake in the third minute. Hakim Jeesh did not make the mistake of taking advantage of that mistake. The midfielder got the ball in front of the box and hit the ball over the goalkeeper’s head.

This is Morocco’s fastest goal in World Cup history. After the first goal, Morocco got a free-kick in front of the box in eight minutes of the match. Morocco could have played defensive football after getting the first goal, but instead of going that way, they continued to attack. Morocco gets the result in 23 minutes. Youssef N-Nesri made the gap 2-0 using Ashraf Hakimi’s long pass.

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Morocco, who was playing well, made a mistake in the 39th minute. Nayef Aguirre’s own goal gave La Rouge a chance to get back into the match. This is the first suicide goal in this World Cup. This is Qatar’s 100th World Cup goal.

Hardman’s team found a lot of rhythm after the break. They kept possession of the ball consistently for the first time in the match. Canada could have scored a goal in the 58th minute. Alphonso Davies could not use Junior Howlett’s cross. However, this Canadian star was a shadow of himself throughout the match.

Trailing Canada came back from the break to put pressure on Morocco. They could have scored in 58 minutes. But Alphonso Davies’ shot went wide of the post. In the latter part of the match, both teams made several changes to the XI. But neither team got any more goals.

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