Lionel Messi – We Knew Saudi Arabia Could Do That

#worldcup2022 # QatarWorldCup2022 # Argentina # Saudi_Arabia # Messi #LM10
#worldcup2022 # QatarWorldCup2022 # Argentina # Saudi_Arabia # Messi #LM10

Saudi Arabia showed surprise in their first match in the World Cup by defeating Argentina in Qatar World Cup. Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1. Many are calling this victory an accident. However, captain Lionel Messi does not want to make any excuses for the loss.

“We knew that if we gave Saudi Arabia a chance, they would play (well) and take advantage of it,” Messi said. They did not surprise us. We knew they (Saudi Arabia) could do something like that.’

Messi said about the current situation, ‘It is a situation where the players of this team have never been. After a long time, we played such a big hit. We did not expect to start like this.’

He asked for the support of the fans for the next two matches, ‘We are fine. Of course, we were hurt as a result. But people have to believe that this team will not let them down. We will squeeze everything in the next two matches. We have played such matches before and we will perform well.

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