Japan beat Spain 2-1 in the World Cup’s last 16

Japan vs Spain, World Cup's
Japan beat Spain 2-1 in the World Cup’s last 16

In the last match of the group stage of the Qatar World Cup, former world champion Spain and Asian country Japan will face each other at 1 pm Bangladesh time on Thursday. Japan beat 2010 champion Spain by 2-1 in this match. The four-time world champion Germany burned his forehead. Because their fate depended on the outcome of this match.

The equation was – Germany needed to win against Costa Rica to advance to the next round. On the other hand, Japan has to lose against Spain. If Japan draws with Spain, Germany must win by two or more goals to qualify for the next round.

The Blue Samurai did not give up despite falling behind 1-0 against Spain. After being cornered defensively in the first half, the team turned around in the second half to win 2-1. The win ensured Japan’s top spot as well as the knockout stage. On the other hand, Spain reached the last sixteen despite losing to Japan. However, the 2010 champions have to be satisfied with second place in the group.

The story of the first half, however, was different. Spain was in familiar form from the start of the match at the Khalifa International Stadium. They try to open the ball to themselves. In contrast, Japan’s plan was to keep 5 men down and try to create chances for a counter-attack.

However, this Japanese strategy failed in the 11th minute of the match. Spain advanced by scoring a great attack. Alvaro Morata headed in Cesar Azpilicueta’s measured cross to give La Furia Rojas the lead.

Despite going ahead, Spain kept control of the match. Although Japan took possession of the ball, they could not keep the ball close for a long time due to Spain’s counter-pressing. The Asian team, however, fell behind but could not show the courage to leave the defense.

Attempts to get up the wing on counter-attacks were stopped by the Spanish defenders long before they reached the attacking third. Another Spain attack threatened Japan in the 22nd minute but to no avail.

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Spain’s excellent positioning and passing in the middle of the field was a breath of fresh air for Japan. He was just chasing the Spanish players in search of the ball. However, it was of no use.

After that, however, Japan tried to return to the match. Also produced a great attack. However, the attempt failed due to the Spanish defense. But that was all Japan’s effort in the first half, with nothing more than an off-target shot. Then again, the story of the Spanish conquest. Japan goes on hiatus with disappointment.

But at the beginning of the second half, Spain surprised Japan. They tried to counter-press Spain by changing tactics. The result comes in 48 minutes. Ritsu Doan took a bullet speed shot from just outside the d-box after getting the ball through the Spanish defense. Unai Simon couldn’t send it out even after putting his hands on it. The Spanish goalkeeper was defeated by the speed of the ball.

However, the drama started in the 51st minute of the match. Doan passed the ball into the Spanish defense in a great attack. Kaoru Mitoma cut the ball back to Ao Tanaka. Tanaka scores with a perfect finish. However, before Mitoma cut back the ball, the referee took the help of VAR as he doubted whether the ball had crossed the goal line or not. But in the end, the decision went in Japan’s favor and Japan took the lead in the match.

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Spain is under pressure after conceding two goals in a row. They also lose control of the match. At this time, the Asian team began to test the Spanish defense by playing aggressive football.

Luis Enrique made several changes to change the result. But the work was not done at all. Spain could not return to the match even after trying. On the other hand, Japan also had the opportunity to increase the gap. But they didn’t score anymore. No problem though. Japan got a great win.

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