Brazil Wins Against Switzerland Without Neymar

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Brazil wins against Switzerland without Neymar

Neymar did not enter the field due to an injury. Vinicius-Richarlison played without this Brazilian superstar. Made some great attacks as well. Vinicius broke the deadlock after the break after breaking through Switzerland’s solid defensive wall; however, it was ruled out for offside. However, Casemiro won the Seleçao with a goal at the last moment. Also, in the knockout stage. Yellow waves came from the chest of the Persian Gulf as if they were falling in Doha today. From the city streets to the metro – just yellow and yellow everywhere. The stream of yellow coming from different parts of the city went and met in the estuary of Stadium 974. In fact, before the match against Switzerland, Doha was taken over by the famous yellow jersey Brazilian fans. And against the Swiss, Brazil won the match 1-0 with Casemiro’s goal on the green carpet of Stadium 974. With this victory, Brazil has reached the last sixteen as the second team after France.

Brazil beat Switzerland 1-0 at Stadium 974 in the n Qatar World Cup Group G match on Monday night. After going into the break with a goalless draw in the first half, Brazil showed a surprise in the second half. The winning goal at the last moment came from the feet of Casemiro.

After a 2-0 win over Serbia in the first match, Brazil won the second match and secured the knockout stage of the World Cup with 6 points. On the other hand, Switzerland is in second place with 3 points after winning the first match. They need to win against Serbia to secure the next round.

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From the beginning of the match, Switzerland was squeezed by Brazil. The Seleção did not test the team’s defense in one-on-one attacks. However, the Swiss, who put up a wall in defense, did not allow Vinicius-Richarlison to take the ball in the box. They got a good chance in the twelfth minute. Richarlison took control of a pass from Paqueta and sent Vinicius up. The thopponent’snt defender blocked the shot of this forward from Real Madrid.

Brazil got another chance in the 19th minute. Vinicius dribbled four Swiss players into the ball box and raised Paqueta. Richarlison took a cross-shot from this West Ham midfielder. But Elvedi prevented it. In the 27th minute, Vinicius’ great shot from the box was blocked by Ian Sommer. Switzerland got a great chance in the 39th minute. Rodriguez’s cross from the left is met by Vargas. He entered the box past Marquinhos but couldn’t avoid Silva.

Vinicius also completed the celebration by scoring a goal. But the referee took the help of VAR to know whether it was offside or not. After a few minutes, he decided it was not a goal. 3D animation later showed Richarlison on the right wing running towards the ball as it came from midfield. But why is he offside even after not giving a touch? When the attack was composed, Richarlison was in an offside position. But Vinny changed position before touching the ball. He was caught offside for doing that. Richarlison would not have been offside if Vini left the area after touching the ball.

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After the goal was disallowed, however, Brazil increased the edge of the attack without collapsing. They make several good attacks in a row. Tit’s team got the result quickly. After Casemiro’s goal, Brazil made several attacks. But did not see the goal. What’s more, they won against Switzerland for the first time in the World Cup. After this win, Brazil is at the top of Group G with 6 points from 2 matches. Switzerland is in second place with 3 points in equal matches. Third-placed Cameroon has 1 point. Fourth-placed Serbia also has 1 point.

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