Australia Wants to Beat Argentina and Play Against Brazil

Australia wants to beat Argentina and play against Brazil
Australia wants to beat and play against Brazil

Australia got the ticket to the last sixteen of the World Cup in Qatar after defeating Denmark and Tunisia. Their opponents in the last sixteen are Lionel Messi’s mighty Argentina. Ajid’s big hope for the knockout stage is that they want to beat Argentina, Australia wants to play against Brazil after passing the quarter-finals and reaching the semi-finals.

On the other hand, Argentina captain Lionel Messi is not willing to take Australia easily. Coach Lionel Scaloni also believes in Messi. However, Azira is far behind the Albicestes in strength.

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Australia’s win is one in 7 appearances against Argentina. That too in 1988! Australia coach Graham Arnold is taking into account recent performances against Argentina and not old statistics.

If Brazil wins the quarter-finals as champions of Group ‘G’ and Australia clears the hurdle of the quarter-finals, the two teams will meet in the semi-finals. Australian coach Graham Arnold is dreaming of that.

He told ESPN about this, “We want Brazil (Australia wants to have as an opponent). We want to play against the best. 32 teams play here, now we are in the last sixteen. We want to test ourselves by playing against the best and show our culture to the world.”

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To go to the semi-finals, Australia will have to win the quarter-finals, before that they will have to defeat the football superpower Argentina. That’s what Arnold wants to do. He said, ‘What will we win? Of course! I coached this team at the Tokyo Olympics last year and we beat Argentina 2-0. It’s a battle of yellow and light blue and white jerseys, eleven against eleven.

Australia will face Argentina on Saturday (December 3). The two-team match will be held at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium at one o’clock at night. Arnold said, ‘There are only two days left, the fight is only about mentality and motivation. I think one aspect that we have shown not only to the country but to the whole world, is that we are a team.

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