Argentina VS Poland Match Preview

Argentina VS Poland Match Preview

Argentina will face Poland at 1 pm in Doha. Lionel Messi will be named in the last sixteen of the World Cup if he wins. Argentina is tied 1-1 in the World Cup against the European team. Can Lionel Messi take the opportunity to increase the gap today?

Time will tell if Messi can do it or not. But let’s explain the 1-1 tie first. Argentina has faced Poland twice before in the World Cup.

The Latin American side lost 3–2 to Poland in the first round of the 1974 World Cup in Stuttgart. That generation of Vuadislav Zamuda-Grzegz Lato played well against Mario Kempes-Ramon Heredia.

Will win the third round today? Argentina avenged that loss in the second round of the group stage at the World Cup held at home four years later. Argentina won 2–0 thanks to a brace from Kempes. That is, Argentina has won 1 match against each other in the World Cup.

Poland-Argentina has met 11 times in international football. Apart from that one loss in the World Cup, Argentina lost to Poland in two other matches. Poland beat Argentina 2–1 in a friendly in Buenos Aires in 1981. The Kempes-Passarella team lost in the 70th minute to a goal by Polish legend Zbigniew Boniek.

The next rate was 40 years later, in 2011. Or it can be said this way, Argentina lost the last match against Poland. Poland beat Argentina 2–1 in a friendly in Warsaw on 5 June 2011. In other words, Argentina lost 3 times against the Poles in total 11 times. Won 6 matches and drew 2.

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Poland will advance to the second round if they draw against Argentina. If you lose, you will have to look at the results of the Saudi Arabia-Mexico match. Even if the match is a draw or Mexico wins, Poland can reach the last sixteen. But if Argentina wins today, they won’t have to match any more equations. Will go directly to the second round.

However, Argentina can go to the second round even with a draw with the Polish. In that case, the match between Saudi Arabia and Mexico must also be a draw. But if Saudi Arabia wins, Argentina must win, if Mexico wins and Argentina draws, the goal difference calculation will come.

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