Argentina in the Qatar World Cup Final Under The Magic of Messi

Argentina in the Qatar World Cup Final Under The Magic of Messi
Argentina in the Qatar World Cup Final Under The Magic of Messi

Argentina started the World Cup in Qatar with a loss to Saudi Arabia. At that time, many people also saw the possibility of exiting from the group stage. But by surprising everyone, Argentina reached the World Cup final by playing great football in the next five matches. Lionel Messi’s side booked their place in the final after beating Croatia 3-0 in the first semi-final at the Lucille Stadium on Tuesday night.

He has already announced that this is his last World Cup. And in the last World Cup, Messi made it clear that he had no intention of going back from the semi-finals, he made it clear even today.

Messi scored himself from the penalty, and Julián Alvarez gave 1 more. Alvarez did not go short. He scored an incredible goal with almost a solo effort before scoring the second from Messi’s pass.

Argentina won the match 3-0 with 2 goals from Alvarez and 1 goal from Messi. After 2014, it reached the final of the World Cup once again. On the other hand, last time’s finalist Croatia’s journey stopped in the last four, and Modric’s chapter in the World Cup has also ended.

The first half hour was actually played by Croatia. To say that he played, gave great passes in the first touch, and also kept possession of the ball. But the attacking third could not go very far. At that time, Argentina was more busy spoiling Croatia’s game. They were not able to organize themselves very well. Croatia gets a corner in the 16th minute. But the Argentine defenders did not allow the danger.

In the 24th minute, Enzo Fernandez took a shot from outside the box. But Croatia’s goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic had no trouble stopping it. Two minutes later, Mateo Kovacic made a superb pass from Messi. Taliafico fouled Kramaric while running with the ball and gave him a free-kick. However, Croatia could not use Modric’s simple free-kick.

2 goals from Alvarez and 1 goal from Messi
2 goals from Alvarez and 1 goal from Messi

In the 31st minute, Ivan Perisic entered Argentina’s box from the left, avoiding the eyes of Nahuel Molina. But his shot hit Rodrigo Di Paul and went out of the field. However, Croatia did not get a corner as it escaped the referee’s eyes.

The match froze soon after. Enzo Fernandez made a long pass to Julián Alvarez after receiving the ball from Otamendi in defense. Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic came forward to stop Alvarez, who knocked down the Croatian guard and blocked his body. The referee gave him a yellow card and gave him a penalty.

Captain Lionel Messi put Argentina ahead from the spot kick. It is about 34 minutes from the match. This is Messi’s fifth goal in this World Cup, in total 11 goals in the World Cup for Argentine forward. Messi is now Argentina’s top scorer at the World Cup, surpassing the legendary Batistuta.

But the best moment of the match was yet to come. Julián Alvarez did not think the responsibility ended by bringing the penalty! After five minutes, Messi was appealing for a free-kick after being fouled in midfield, the referee probably continuing the game after seeing the ball at Alvarez’s feet. Alvarez dribbled past three Croatian players. On the other hand, Rodrigo Di Paul and Molina ran and confused the Croatian defense.

That goal in the 69th minute is pure Messi magic.
That goal in the 69th minute is pure Messi magic.

Alvarez cut past Croatian defender Borna Sosa in the D-box, then dribbled past Livakovic and into the net. Maybe not like Maradona’s against England in the 1986 World Cup, but Alvarez’s goal may have been the first thing the audience thought of.

The match was half over there. What was left, after the break, the Messi-Alvarez pair came to the field and finished it. That goal in the 69th minute is pure Messi magic.

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The Croat shuffled through the defense down the right and got the ball in before Iosco Guardiol cut the ball in close to the boundary. From there cut back and pass to Alvarez. Alvarez is not the man to spoil this goal. If Alvarez’s previous goal was one of the best goals of the tournament, Messi’s assist is probably the best of the tournament.

In the group stage match of the 2018 World Cup, Argentina was crushed by Croatia. Messi avenged that loss today. Messi’s opponent in the final is yet to be decided. Morocco and defending champions France meet in the second semi-final on Wednesday night. Argentina will play the final on Sunday with the winning team. Another chance to win the World Cup is in front of Messi. Let’s see if Messi gets the taste of winning the World Cup.

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