A Milestone in the 1000th Match of Lionel Messi’s Career

A milestone in the 1000th match of Lionel Messi’s career
A milestone in the 1000th match of Lionel Messi’s career

Lionel Messi entered the field with the dream of taking Argentina to the quarter-finals. The Argentina captain has reached a huge milestone by playing this match at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan.

The Argentine superstar is playing his 1000th official match today. His career began in Barcelona. Played there for 17 years. In 2005, he was anointed on the jersey of Argentina. After playing 778 matches for Barcelona, he moved to Paris Saint Germain. He has played 53 matches there so far.

Messi made his debut in the national team in 2005 at the age of 18. Messi was brought on from the bench in that match against Hungary. However, his team scored a goal in just 40 seconds after wearing the national team jersey. Who would have thought that he would play the most matches for Argentina

He scored 93 goals in these matches. The team won the 2021 Copa America title. He also took the team to the Copa America final three times. He also played in the World Cup final once.

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Messi has broken another record for Argentina in this World Cup. The record for the most matches played in the World Cup. He is playing his 23rd match today for Albiceleste in the World Cup.

Not only the milestone of 1000 matches, but Messi has also set a record of playing five World Cup games in the first match of the current World Cup. In addition, Messi also holds the record of playing a maximum of 23 matches in the World Cup for Argentina. And Messi scored 8 goals jointly with Maradona for Argentina in the World Cup. And 2 goals will touch Gabriel Batistuta, who scored the highest goal in the World Cup for the country.

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